why the humble servant?
Imagine this scene:

You need to buy a new car.
You remember that your co-worker's high school son changes his own oil.
You hire him to build you a Buick.

Ridiculous? Who built your current website? Was it your co-worker's high school son? Was it your neighbor who dabbles in web design? Or, was it a "professional" who knows how to speak to a computer but doesn't know how to speak to a human?

TOASTER: the humble servant of kitchen

humble servant software was created because we were tired of seeing substandard websites being sold at a premium price, and tired of seeing good people bullied by "computer guys" who overcompensate for their lack of design skills with technical mumbo jumbo and boorish behavior. At humble servant software, we sit down with you and learn about you and your business. Then, we devise a plan for you to use the Internet to succeed. We don't start work until we're satisfied that we know exactly what you need. We don't accept payment until your job is complete and you are satisfied with our work.

We are your website toaster. Plug us in. Give us your input. We deliver your website when and how you want.

Beautiful, affordable web sites.
Excellent customer service.

humble servant software...as you wish.

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